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|!| Driving for Life |!|


    I'm posting here because there is a Jack Russell Terrier that really needs your help this weekend.  Memphis is a young adult who has been through more than he knows.  He's almost made the euthanization list at his high kill shelter three times since being dumped by his family, but one determined rescuer kept working until we've finally got a rescue to commit to him.  Not many would spend so much time on a heartworm positive dog, but now he has a chance.  Can you help us move him from the shelter in Tennessee to his rescue in South Carolina?  On his way to rescue he will be passing through Memphis, Jackson, Hurricane Mills, Nashville, Manchester, and Chattanooga, TN!  

More details here:
(Please feel free to comment here or there with any questions you may have)
(Please cross post)

    Please take a look at the link above and see if you can help.  All it takes is a couple hours out of your day and some gas to drive from one city to the next.

Thank you
- Saigh


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i know not many people go to this page, but i will go to every chattanooga rescue type page i know to see if someone can help you out!
Thank you... we really appreciate that. :)