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welcome to chattanoogapets

for the first post, i shall introduce myself and one of my darling pets to you. when you guys join and post, tell us a little about yourself and your pets! this place is pretty much for anyone in the chattanooga area. i'd like for you to post pictures of your darlings. if you need a free image host, try, it's kind of easy. if you have any suggestions as to free image hosts, let me know. also, if you have any questions post them, maybe someone will know the answer. i know that i will do my best to answer any questions i can. if i don't know, i will ask every doctor and technician i know! have fun ^_^

i guess i'll start out with introductions of sorts. my name is kim, or you could call me kimmie. either way, i'll answer. i work at shallowford animal hospital, have been there since july of 2003. i live in ringgold and have four pets. two english bulldogs, creeper and dozer. two domestic short haired kitties, maxie and gizmo. all four with completely different and distinct personalities! they're nuts, as am i, i suppose. anyway, the first pic to start out the community is of my darling gizmo, who i sometimes call the tard, with love of course. he's just a bit inbred, but my sweetest cat nonetheless. he's done so much to hurt himself, i just count myself lucky that i get a discount at work! as i said, he's a bit of a tard, but very lovable and sweet. anyway, he's laying out on our porch, really cute.
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