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I see this is a new community and I really hope that it picks up.....I'm Samantha, I'm 19, and I got to UTC. I love animals to the point that it's kind of ridiculous. I would be a Vet or something but I get too upset when animals are hurt. I'm such a baby.
I have two dogs, Rascal and Daisy. Rascal is a five pound, tan, chihuahua who was originally for my brother(hence the name), but he likes me more...so he decided I was his Mommy. Daisy is a tan and white(with a few small black spots) basset-beagle mix. She is technically my boyfriends...but she's mine too! I got her through my vets office when I told them I was looking for a basset for my boyfriend. She's such a cheese. Then there is my lovely kitty Juggernaut. He's long and gray...I don't really know much else because I got him from a lady giving kittens away at the park. He recently had some sort of accident and we had to take him to the emergency animal clinic on amincola. Luckily he's doing much better...but he's on two eye drops and amoxidrops. :(. We have to go back to the doctor again friday to see if he can begin steroids for his eye. I really hope that we can take care of it. I feel terrible.

I can't get my pictures to work right now...but I promise there will be soon! There are a few posted on my journal...feel free to check them out!
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